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I'm a textile and fashion designer, working mainly between Mexico city and Milan,

Italy where I made my studies about Textile & materials design.

I've been working several years designing textiles for brands, fabric companies and fashion trend studios, mainly based in Milan. 

I work also as fashion consultant creating projects with fashion companies and designers.

But, as we know... when we talk about fashion and textile, we talk about

...Culture !!!  

In this case I really enjoy to develop cultural and social projects with designers, universities, local communities or government institutions, with a design & cultural project called "The Italian/Mexican society" where I work with my partner Andrea Balestrero, an italian contemporary artist and architect, who with I've made really interesting exhibitions, projects and workshops 

And finally ... In order to express my own style I felt the necessity to create

my own brand OPHELIA.

A silk foulard collection, wear capsules collections and different special

editions items, all inspired by an ironic attitude to face nightmare sensations

with parodies of spooky images in vivid colors and a sarcastic style.

whatsapp IT  +39 3276140056   /   MX +52 5529209276

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